Experience our new interactive breastmilk research video

Our interactive journey, presented by experts in infant nutrition, provides detailed information on the composition and benefits of breastmilk, and how it has inspired the formulation of Aptamil with Pronutra+.

Hear Dr Rosan Meyer discuss cows' milk allergy and the Dalton size debate

Watch our online seminar to hear a leading authority in allergy and paediatrics discuss the science and processes behind extensively hydrolysed formulas.

Pepti 1 and 2: New pack, same formula!

From November 2014, our Pepti milks will be sold in tins. The packs will look different, but our unique allergy formula is not changing.

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infant feeding problems
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weaning & toddlers
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product & services

Aptamil Professional's promise

Read our promise to support mums so that they can give their babies the best possible nutritional start in life.

Breastmilk research and key developments in infant formula

Chief Paediatric Dietitian, Luise Marino

Ongoing research into the components of breastmilk can help to provide significant beneficial compositional changes to infant formula.

The differences between lactose intolerance and cows’ milk allergy

This article explains the key differences between these two conditions to help you recognise one from the other.

How specific prebiotics reduce the incidence of atopic dermatitis

Dr Bernd Stahl, R&D Director of Human Milk Research at the Danone Research Centre for Specialised Nutrition

The results of research into the anti-allergenic effect of beneficial bacteria in breastmilk.

Definition, diagnosis and management of cows’ milk allergy (CMA)

Learn more about the different classifications of this food hypersensitivity and how diagnosis and management of CMA can be achieved.

Weaning recommendations

Advice to help you support parents who are starting to wean their baby.

Safe preparation & bottle sterilisation guidelines

A practical guide to the sterilisation of bottles for expressed breastmilk and the safe preparation of infant milk formula.

Breastmilk production

Much more than just supply and demand

Get an understanding of how to help mothers to optimise their milk production.

About Aptamil

We are dedicated to helping parents give their babies the best nutritional start in life.

Using our 30+ years of infant research we offer healthcare professionals the resources they need to help the mums in their care.

Our Products

Breastmilk science is at the heart of our philosophy

We've been studying it for over 30 years, with a research unit dedicated to the science of breastmilk.

Find out more about our pioneering breastmilk research and the full range of Aptamil products.

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